Luis Costa

A developers diary - Entry 2

In my previous blog post, I talked about my self-discipline and the goals I would like to accomplish in the following week. In this one, I will reflect upon those goals and what I’ve accomplished that week.

Goals assessment

[ X ] Take significant other to do some exercise with me, by the beach, possible on Thursday. Have a good time, no work/college talk allowed.

We did go to the beach and we had a freaking awesome time. The weather here in Setúbal, Portugal was great that day. We chilled, talked about everything but work and we forgot out stresses for a few hours!

[ X ] Finish that refactor and discuss the first draft with the co-worker.

I completed the refactor and did present it to my co-worker. Overall, there’s still some work to be done, but it’s going great. I’m just happy that I got to finish the work. I was murdered in the code review, but that’s a good thing. I learn every time I discuss things with those that review my code, it’s a privileged place to be as a developer.

While people reviewed my code, I learned a bit more about Rails Concerns: extracting similar functionality from two or more models into a common and centralized place, avoiding code duplication and fat models.

[ X ] I will be able to bench press 55kg (121 lbs) for two sets of five repetitions followed by one set of at least 5 repetitions.

[ X ] I will be able to Deadlift 90kg (200 lbs) for two sets of five repetitions followed by one set of at least 5 repetitions.

[ X ] I will be able to Squat 90kg for two sets of five repetitions followed by one set of at least 5 repetitions.

Here’s a screenshot of my workout template excell sheet!

Overall, it was easier than I thought to hit these goals, so I’m glad I completed them! I feel like my strength is increasing every workout, and that’s an awesome feeling to have as someone who wasn’t in the habit of working regularly.

[ 2/5 ] I will be able to fast every day until launch and between lunch and dinner.

[ 3/5 ] I won’t eat anything after dinner is done.

I completed these two goals in two days of the week. I failed miserably in the diet area. I still have a lot of work to do in my diet if I want to lose that extra weight.

[ X ] I will weigh myself every day and keep track of the weight in my workout excel sheet.

Overall, my weight stayed the same throughout the week, fluctuating between 74kg (163lbs) and 75kg (165lbs).

[ X ] Attend Ruby meetup this Tuesday and try to make new friends and/or connections there. Show passion and interest in everyone, be interested in what they have to say.

It was a short meetup that I attended with some colleagues from work. I listened to a talk that one of my co-worker did about some of his Ruby CLI tools, and another about performance improvements in Puma. There wasn’t much time to create connections and talk to a lot of people, but the food was great, so that’s something!

[ ] I will finish writing the video script for the upcoming video for my youtube channel (it’s not public yet, videos are still unlisted, I’ll write more about it later on).

Goal NOT achieved. The video script is still yet to be completed, although I did write some more things. Still, need to work on this.

[ X ] I will work on my blog every day for at least 45minutes.

I also write over at medium, and this week I was able to write one more blog post, which should be coming out soon!

[ X ] I will continue working on my Github’s Trending Page crawler ruby gem.

This should’ve been a more concrete and goal, but I did some work on this side project as well. You can take a look at the code over the github repo.

[ ] I will have a total cumulative study time of 4 hours for my driver’s license by the end of the week.

I forgot to record the studying hours for my driver’s license, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t hit the fours mark. However, I did study at least 2 days for at least one hour, which was all the time I could allocate to it (you may try to plan everything ahead, but sometimes life just gets in the way).

[ X ] I will continue reading the book The Defining Decade: Why Your Twenties Matter–And How to Make the Most of Them Now during my commute, instead of browsing Reddit or Instagram

Didn’t know of a good way to track this goal, however, I’m almost finished with the book, and I think I will write a brief summary of what I learned from the book on my blog.

[ ] I will limit my consumption of social media contents (Reddit/youtube/twitter/facebook/Instagram) to 1h/1h30 a day, during the evenings only.

Oh, procrastination you! Here’s what RescueTime has to say about this one:

So, not bad overall, but I know that I allowed myself to indulge in some procrastination by accessing the websites that I listed in times of the day that I didn’t want, but, oh well. Just keep going, I think. As rescue time is saying, it wasn’t a bad week, productivity wise, so I’m happy with it, even though I didn’t hit the goal (it’s not a very concrete goal though, so maybe I’ll have to reformulate it in a different way next time).

That’s it! Thank you for reading!