A letter to my future self

March 9, 2017   

Remember your origins. Remember your drive. Remember why you’re here in the first place. You’re a hard worker, you’re just having doubts. Having doubts is ok. What differentiates you from the herd? Are you the special sheep, the black sheep, or just a regular sheep? Do you want to be that sheep? Or are you just trying to receive special attention and appraise from others?

No man is a real man if he craves attention. Do things for you, for you are stuck with yourself forever. Don’t give in to temptations, and be true to your values. Follow your gut. Don’t let your thoughts dominate your world. You are dominating, and you are in control. You’re not your emotions. You are, until the rest of your days, the sum of your actions. Every day is a little bit different. Make that difference count. Workout. Go to the gym. Tell your loved one that you love her. If you’re reading this, just know that I love you. I appreciate everything you’ve done for me.

If you’re still with me, just know that you’re not taken for granted. If you’re not, I’m sure you found someone who will appreciate and love you just as much as I did. You were the catalyst that I needed to ignite the fire in me. The fire of change. And I truly, truly, appreciate you.

Live up to your values. But what are they? Have your forgotten? Here, I’ve listed them out for you:

  • Be brave.
  • Don’t be afraid to say no.
  • It’s ok to let your emotions out. It’s ok to be open, to be vulnerable, even when society tells you otherwise. The people that matter in your life won’t judge you for opening up and sharing your emotions.
  • Protect the people that you love.
  • Be kind, not nice. Don’t let anyone step over you or the people that you love.
  • Be a provider.
  • Smile. For Christ’s sake, smile.
  • Be polite, be positive. Always share the good mood.
  • Find the silver lining in everything.
  • Encourage others to talk about themselves.
  • Help others.
  • Do everything with good intentions.
  • Don’t do something just to win over anyone. Do it because you genuinely like the person.
  • Listen. Listen deeply. And shut the fuck up.
  • Work on yourself every day and do not let yourself fall into pettiness. You’re better than that. Get the fuck up and get out there. Life’s too short to feel bad about yourself.
  • Don’t rely on anyone to live your life, but appreciate and welcome any help that people give you.
  • Be friendly.
  • Love her, with all your heart.
  • Enjoy the process, and be outcome independent.
  • Be proactive.

Working hard is hard. I know you’re tired. I know that you think that you’re just another one. You have tried, and nothing has worked thus far. Or maybe it did. Whatever you’re doing, just know that you are enough. You are a good person. You are worth it. You have love to spread, positive energies to infect other people. You’re like a virus. A good kind of virus. Everywhere you go, you leave the place a little bit better.

The secret to success is not hidden behind a magical door. There are no shortcuts. Shut up, buckle up, and work. No more zero days.

You’re under no obligation to be the same person you were 5 minutes ago. The task ahead of you ain’t gonna finish itself. Life’s tough, and you’ve got to wake up for life, or you’re risking sleeping into eternity.

Have hobbies. Have something to look forward to when you get home.

Change into the person who you want to become.

The path ahead is bumpy. It is sweaty, it’s bloody. But you know what? I know that you love it. You like challenges. You don’t like it easy, because easy is boring. You are a man, and you are capable.

Appreciate everything that you have. Do you have food? Appreciate it. Do you have money? Appreciate it. Do you have a roof over your head and a warm bed waiting for you at night? Appreciate it. Can you see? Can you write? Can you read? Can you walk? Can you run? Can you breathe? Appreciate it. Do you have warm clothes? Appreciate it. Do you have a job? Appreciate it. Do you have a lovely person by your side? Appreciate her. Tell her that you love her every day. DO NOT TAKE ANYTHING FOR GRANTED, because the stuff that you have today may be gone tomorrow. But there’s no tomorrow. There’s just today. Appreciate the now, and don’t dwell on the past. Think about all the good things that you have in your life.

Do you want to cry? Is a tear trying to escape? Good. It means you’re being honest. It means you wrote this from the depths of your feelings. You’ve searched deep to get these words out. These words resonate with you. They mean something to you.

Life if tough, but so are you. You can do it, I believe in you.

I’ll see you sometime in the future. Until then, have a fun ride.

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