Emerging as a better person

August 4, 2015   

Being productive and a better person is not as hard as people might think. I mean, do not get me wrong: it takes will power, it takes energy, it takes effort and it takes persistence (No, it does not take motivation. Ok, maybe a little motivation). What you need to understand is that being a better person is a choice. It is a choice you have to make yourself.

I really do believe in the idea that we all have a better version of ourselves hidden inside us. You just need to bring it to the surface. But how the hell do you do that?

I had a revelation a few months ago about how you can become a better person, but only now did I have the time to share it with you. I believe that, if you want to become a better version of yourself, you can follow this two steps:

First, start by accepting that you have NOT been the best you could be, or that you might be in a tough situation in your life, or that you have lost your way, or that you might be depressed or … (etc)
That’s your starting point. Accept it. It’s ok. A lot of great successful people have gone through what you’re going through right now and somehow, they managed to leave that dark place and emerge as new, better human being. You can too, but first, accept your situation.

Then, do this: take out a pen and a paper, sit down in silence for 30 minutes and think to yourself: “I can be a better person. I can be productive and start living a better life. I have a better version of myself inside me, I just need to release it to the world”. Accept this mindset. Let this idea sink into your brain. Now, divide the paper into two sections and name one section as “My new self” and the other one as “My old self”. For simplicity, let’s call the “My new self” section as NEW and the “My old self” section as OLD. Cut the paper in those two half’s.

Start filling the OLD section with every possible trait that you DO NOT LIKE about you today. Do not be afraid to write them down. No one will see them. Everything that you despise about yourself, that you’re embarrassed about, should be here. Don’t include anything that you WOULD LIKE to be/do in the future. Let it all flow from your mind and, most importantly, be honest. Done? Good.

Now start filling the NEW section with everything that YOU THINK or BELIEVE that your best self would be. What would he do? How would he manage his life? What would be his hobbies? How would he face his problems? How would he get out of a tough spot in life? Forget all the bad things about you and just think, if you could, if you had the will power and the discipline, how would your best self turn his life around. Like you had super powers to overcome every obstacle in your life.

Done? Ok. Now here’s the secret: you don’t need super powers. Your best self is a just a vision that you have that, deep down, want’s to be set free. You just don’t allow it. You’ve had this idea about yourself a long time ago, but now that you’ve written it down and visualize it, you made the first step towards your new life.

Okay, that’s all chitchat, what do I do now with this two piece of papers? Now you pick the version of yourself that you want to be in the future. Choose wisely, because the other one won’t come back anymore. Do the right choice. Which one do you want to be? Do you think that you do not have the will power and the discipline to become your NEW self? Do you want to continue being the OLD self? Or do you want to change? Really change? Make your move.

I hope you have chosen the right one. From this point on, I will assume that you picked the NEW self, otherwise why the hell would you still be reading.

Now, take the OLD self and pin it to your wall. You will look at it everyday. It’s going to be like a mini prey session. You will read it every day and tell yourself after: “I will not be like that person anymore”. Why should it be pinned to your wall? Because, bad things should be kept in its place. Every time you leave your house, every time you step foot outside, you leave that OLD self behind, pinned to your wall. That’s not who you are anymore. That’s not how you will face the world from now on. These bad traits/things about your OLD self represent everything that you want to change.

As for the NEW self part? There are a lot of possibilities: you can carry that piece of paper with you, in your pocket or save it to your phone. The important thing is: your NEW self should always be with you. Why? Because it will be a part of who you are or part of who you will be in the future. Carry that with you everywhere you go. When you’re out there questioning yourself, take that piece of paper and read it. It might seem silly, I know, but give it a try.

This is how you will approach your life from now on: your NEW self will always be with you, in your mind and in your pocket. You OLD self will be left behind every day. You will read it to remind yourself of who you do not want to be anymore, and every time you leave that door, that part of you dies there, in your room, in your wall.

Go on now, live your life by the standards of your new self. Combine this with will power, discipline, and grit and you will achieve everything that you want. Good luck.

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